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Plumm Stemless WHITE+
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Plumm Stemless WHITE+

Box of 4 Glasses
  • A stemless glass for all those who love blonds.
  • Designed for living, WHITE+ is a part of the trendy Plumm Stemless glass range. A hybrid design capable of delivering any white wine experience to your lips, via premium European crystal.
  • Although designed for white wine, this glass is the jack of all trades – happing holding any type liquid spirits, beer, soda water – you choose.
The Plumm story is one born out of enjoying a wine experience with simplicity, balance, elegance and ultimately pleasure. Plumm produces lifestyle glassware designed to be functional and practical delivering your wine experience. The Plumm Stemless range emphasises the Plumm belief of ‘everyday luxury’ right alongside with keeping things casual and relaxed – its wine drinking minus the pomp and ceremony. Designed for living these premium European crystal glasses are dishwasher friendly and loved being used every day.
The Plumm Stemless WHITE+ is a trendy hybrid design bringing together the two white styles of Plums famous five shapes. White+ extends is usability beyond wine to be really quite a versatile little liquid holder. Happy to go with the flow this stemless glass, although designed for white wine, is equally content providing you with a great vessel for spirits, beer, soda, water – whatever takes your fancy.
RRP $100.00

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Plumm Outdoors WHITEa

Plumm Outdoors WHITEa

Box of 4 Glasses
  • Get the outdoor wine experience with Plumm Outdoors
  • Designed for the outdoors these classy little numbers provide the wineglass shape without the wineglass smash, great for a cheeky chardonnay with some fish and chips on the beach
  • Through away the plastic cups, these glasses are dishwasher proof that won't cloud
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RRP $50.00
Plumm Vintage SPARKLING

Plumm Vintage SPARKLING

Box of 2 Glasses
  • Sparkling glasses that are designed for living
  • Enhance your experience with a well-designed sparkling glass from Plumm which loves all forms of wine – as long as it got bubbles!
  • Part of the Plumm’s Vintage range which combines function & durability within a sleek and stylish framework made from European crystal that is dishwasher safe.
RRP $85.00
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