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Exceptional Esk Winegift
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Exceptional Esk Winegift

Boxed Twinpack of Wines from Esk Valley
  • An exceptional wine experience at accountant’s prices!
  • Thanks to ‘Mr Esk’ (Gordon Russell), the wines delivered in this gift are always a guaranteed decent drop, and always in amongst the wine show medals.
  • The Exceptional Esk twin pack gives you the opportunity to choose the flavours, and personalise the winegift from across the Esk Valley range. Just select the perfect pairing from the dropdown boxes to the right.
‘Hands on from Hawke’s Bay’ is the only way winemaker Gordon Russell (aka Mr Esk) likes to craft his sensational wines. Exceptional Esk winegift contains two of Gordon’s premium creations. The exceptional aspect of Gordons winemaking and thus of the great vino that comes out of the 1933 historic winery, is that they are consistently brilliant year in and year out, including the value ‘Vineyard Selection’ range.
Giving the ‘Exceptional Esk Winegift’ will guarantee you a bunch of brownie points, as you can be rest assured that with every wine that comes out of the infamous hilltop winery is a guaranteed decent drop. Furthermore to gain extra credit, personalise the Exceptional Esk twinpack to your giftee’s tastebuds, by simply selecting from the drop down box which two wine experiences you would like to give. For a winegift that delivers an exceptional experience while providing great value – here it is!

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Noir vs Gris Pinot Winegift

Noir vs Gris Pinot Winegift

Boxed Twinpack of Pinot's 1 Noir, 1 Gris
  • The Perfect Pinot gift
  • Noir vs Gris delivers to the giftee the delectable world of Pinot – one Noir and Gris from various NZ cellars that are dab hands at making the fickle grape.
  • Pinot in either colour is such a versatile all-rounder delivering an fantastic wine experience both on their own or with food. To keep that versatility going, you have the choice to choose which cellar (from the drop down box) you would like your Pinot gift to come from.
Home Grown Burgundies

Home Grown Burgundies

Boxed Twinpack of Burgundies 1 Chardonnay, 1 Pinot
  • The Great Grapes of Burgundy – kiwi style
  • This twinpack presented in a wooden box, contains the Red and White Burgundian varieties of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay but with a kiwi flavour.
  • ‘Home Grown Burgundies’ brings together a winegift of NZ wineries who craft both of the Burgundy colours exceptionally well, just pop over to the dropdown box to select your winery.
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