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About Vitis

Hi there, and welcome to Vitis Cellars.
Here at Vitis Cellars our key objective is to offer you a Wine Experience like no other.
We are a passionate bunch of wine lovers and feel that handing over your hard earned dosh for a bottle of wine is just one part of a journey into experiencing wine. No other liquid can emotionally offer our senses the experience that comes from the fermented grape. We reckon that’s something special and deserves a little bit extra?
That ‘extra’ experience Vitis Cellars is committed to provide you is:
  • An extensive range with plain English tasting notes,
  • An unpretentious encyclopaedia of wine facts should your wine thirst extend beyond your mouth to the grey matter,
  • A posh sommelier to offer possible food matching,
  • The bonus of knowing that our wine prices are among the lowest in NZ. Shhh – just quietly usually the best.
What’s in our name, well one could say we are playing on word cellar being close seller, but in actual fact we see ourselves as your very own wine cellar, accessible through a couple of clicks of the mouse and our speedy delivery service.

Vitis gives a hint to our somewhat technical side. In browsing our site you will see we try to keep the wine lingo relevant to your experiences not what someone else wants you to taste. Having said that however, we all have those fancy letters behind our names, having done our time behind the lab desk and at the uni library, so we can talk wine tech should the occasion call for it. If we do start to ramble on and go a bit wino, check out our innovative Viticitionary for a wine terminology. It is here you will find out about our ancient scientific collegues back in day, that named all grapevines Vitis. So there you have it Vitis Cellars!

Enjoy the experience


The VC Team


'Experience Savour Enjoy'

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