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The world of wine spans across the globe with 70 different countries taking part in wine production from a global vineyard of 7,495 million hectares producing 26 million tonnes of grapes – give or take a couple of vines.

All those grapes press out to produce a global wine bottle of 265 million litres which would fill up 100 Olympic size swimming pools! Your fellow wine drinkers have had an interesting experience uncorking this bottle, pouring out and consuming 91% its content in 2011.

With all this wine being produced the viticulturists and winemakers around the world have been busy, but they haven’t done it alone. The winemakers of today benefit from of 9000 years of experience to draw upon. Wine production has been intertwined with human civilisation from year dot with the oldest winery being dated back to 4100BC. I little bit has changed in the winery since then but at the end of the day it’s still about fermenting grapes into wine – yum!
In the upcoming pages of the Vitis Cellars Wine World we are going to take you on a journey of experiencing wine. We will have a quick look at this ever evolving industry with some basic facts and entertaining information to enhance your wine experience. Enjoy!
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