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'Treat yourself, experience indulgence'

The delectable power of sugar grandstands itself in ‘stickies’, where it is keenly balanced by just a fraction of acid. Dessert Wines bring an ounce of indulgence to the table and exist in a variety of forms. You might fancy your sweets to be the super ripe Semillons and Muscats from across the ditch, or perhaps a classic Late Harvest Riesling left to hang and intensify, or maybe it’s time to sell the car, take the bus, and invest in the majestic heights of the illustrious Sauternes’ of Bordeaux. Whatever the style, wherever the origin, however it’s made if you require a little sweetening up, we have the range. So go on treat yourself, experience indulgence – you deserve it!
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Clearview Sea Red NV

Clearview Sea Red NV

Hawke's Bay, New Zealand
  • I See Red, I See Red, I See Red!
  • Another Clearview Cult Classic half dessert wine - half port. Whatever you call it, it is a rich opulent divine experience that "with the belief that having drunk the wine, one can walk on water! (“Think Red Sea”).
  • Its the best way to finish a meal especially when joined by a chocolate fruit cake!
Wooing Tree Tickled Pink 2019

Wooing Tree Tickled Pink 2019

  • You'll be tickled pink with this risky decision
  • Made from 100% late harvest Pinot Noir - same say the most difficult grape harvest to grow given the thin Pinot skins.
  • Wooing Tree's reward is a spectacular sweetie full of berry bursts with a moreish hazelnut finish
RRP $39.99
Framingham Noble Riesling 2017 375ml

Framingham Noble Riesling 2017 375ml

Marlborough, New Zealand
  • Risk with outstanding Reward!
  • In the Framingham rule book, the Noble Riesling takes full advantage of Rule No.4: Take calculated risks, and boy does it pay off.
  • Thanks to the stunning grape management of Framingham's viticulturist James Bowskill, this Noble Riesling constantly takes out Bob Campbell's as NZ's best sticky.
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RRP $42.99
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