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Customised Wine Gifts

Are you looking for a truly personalised winegift? Vitis Cellars offers customised branding on our entire range of wooden wine boxes. Perfect for those special events, corporate celebrations, or Christmas gifts. The stamp can be virtually anything you can imagine from pictures, wedding dates, corporate logos, event designs...and this list goes on! Customised Box branding can be created in colour or by wood burning.

Wood Burn Branding

This is by far is the most popular method as it illustrates your image as a classic burnt picture on your choice of box. This is great for clear images, wording, and logos. Athough there is a bit of a lead time of approximately 2-3 weeks to create your branding iron, once moulded your iron is good to go for thousands of stamps, and is available to use time and time again. Likewise you can use your iron on multiple types of boxes. Whether it be a single flexibox, double traditional sliding box, or a slated gift hamper, one iron can do it all, year after year!

Approximate Costs

The costs involved with box branding incorporate a one off set up fee and a branding fee per unit. These are approximate costs and may be subject to change, but they are helpful to estimate the total cost of your personalised winegift once you include your chosen box and of course your wine experience.
  Set Up (one off) NZ$ Branding Per Box NZ$
Wood Burn Branding 180.00 0.80

p1  All prices are in NZ dollars including GST.       p2  Order online 24/7 365 days a year.      p3  Drink responsibly